About Us

Our cities have colorful faces. We used the facades of the work and living rooms by designing them artistically. Large-scale wall paintings embellish the appearance, liven up the international appearance and inspire the citizens.


It is not only the wealth of traditional cultural institutions, such as museums, galleries, theaters and opera houses, but above all the street galleries that elevate our cities to modern international cultural metropolises.


This vision of a lively city is the leitmotif of our non-profit art and culture association „Colorrevolution e.V“.


We want to revolutionize the face of the city. The association wants to enable the vision of the modern cultural metropolis drawn above. The international artist exchange not only promotes the local art scene, but also strengthens the growing international street art movement. The resulting murals (wall paintings), rich in motifs, styles and techniques, ensure an artistic and cultural appreciation of the cities. They contribute to a positive attitude towards life in the residents, encourage them to come to terms with their city and the political and social content of the murals and thus strengthen their own identity.


If you are interested in our projects and want to help by providing paintable wall surfaces, materials, financial resources or logistical cooperation, simply contact us.


We would be delighted if you could help create a colorful, interesting, artistically demanding cityscape for your city.